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Red Army Hooligans (2018) ★ TVlol Film-Noir

Red Army Hooligans (2018) ★ TVlol Film-Noir
Red Army Hooligans (2018)
★ Red Army Hooligans (2018)

Tony was the leader of a notorious London Hooligan firm, but whilst fighting a Russian ultra he sustains a head injury and must sit out some of the fun. The football World Cup 2018 in Russia is looming and he wants to organize som...

Release: 88 min ◉ Crime ◉ 28 May 2018 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Jon-Paul Gates, as Tony, Earl Ling, as Vlad, Hans Hernke, as Tex Mex, Sharon Lawrence, as Jem, Joe Rainbow, as Pete, Paul Durso, as Raging Bill, Kevin Horsham, as Larry, Jimmy 'The Bee' Bennett, as Kevin, Jennifer Biggs, as Bridgette, Jeremy Hill, as Dimitri, Matt Rogers, as Johnny, Can Somer, as Pc Plodder, Jeanette Baker, as Pc Pride, Ian Hawke, as Micky, Clinton Baysinger, as Clint, Ray Whelan, as Danger Mouse, Guy Robbins, as Linebacker, Maria J.J. Smith, as Dimitri's Daughter, Steven M. Smith, army all time best series, army hulu now tv, army movies showing, army shows rated, army free m3u link, army free tv download, army new top tv shows, army popular films, army best on tv uk, hooligans all time best series, hooligans hulu now tv, hooligans movies showing, hooligans shows rated, hooligans free m3u link, hooligans free tv download, hooligans new top tv shows, hooligans popular films, hooligans best on tv uk

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