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Nordstrand (2013) ☆ TVlol Game-Show

Nordstrand (2013) ☆ TVlol Game-Show
Nordstrand (2013)
☆ Nordstrand (2013)

NORDSTRAND tells the story of two brothers, Marten and Volker, who meet in their parents' now empty house on the coast. Older brother Marten would like to pick up together their mother from prison where she has been since the deat...

Release: 89 min ◉ Drama ◉ 24 January 2014 (Germany)

Stars: Lennart Bartels, as Marten at the age of 15, Luise Berndt, as Enna, William Boer, as Volker as a child, Martina Krauel, as Frau Suhren, Louis Lex, as Marten as a child, Daniel Michel, as Volker, Martin Schleiß, as Marten, Anna Thalbach, as Mother, Jan Waßmuth, as Björn, Rainer Wöss, as Father, Florian Eichinger, nordstrand top new tv series, nordstrand prime tv series, nordstrand best m3u list, nordstrand box office premiere, nordstrand freeview tv app, nordstrand iptv channel, nordstrand watch episodes, nordstrand best new movies, nordstrand news watch tv

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