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The Sleepwalkers (2019) Los sonámbulos ✯ TVlol History

The Sleepwalkers (2019) Los sonámbulos ✯ TVlol History
The Sleepwalkers (2019) Los sonámbulos
✯ The Sleepwalkers (2019) Los sonámbulos

Tracking the tandem voyages of a mother and daughter into fraught emotional terrain, Argentinian director Paula Hernández examines the ways desire and expectation clash when familial pressures push women to their limits.

Release: 107 min ◉ Drama ◉ 7 March 2020 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Erica Rivas, as Luisa, Ornella D'Elía, as Ana, Marilú Marini, as Memé, Luis Ziembrowski, as Emilio, Daniel Hendler, as Sergio, Rafael Federman, as Alejo, Valeria Lois, as Inés, Gloria Demassi, as Hilda, Teo Inama Chiabrando, as Martín, Simón Goldzen, as Enano, Eithán Bulacio, as Bebé, Alejandro Pinnejas, as Hombre Inmobiliaria, Paula Hernández, sleepwalkers online tv app, sleepwalkers free cable, sleepwalkers great new tv shows, sleepwalkers hd stream app tv, sleepwalkers best latest movie, sleepwalkers list of top movies, sleepwalkers live tv apps, sleepwalkers shows episodes, sleepwalkers top tv, sonmbulos online tv app, sonmbulos free cable, sonmbulos great new tv shows, sonmbulos hd stream app tv, sonmbulos best latest movie, sonmbulos list of top movies, sonmbulos live tv apps, sonmbulos shows episodes, sonmbulos top tv

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