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Challenge of Five Gauntlets (2018) ✡ TVlol Romance

Challenge of Five Gauntlets (2018) ✡ TVlol Romance
Challenge of Five Gauntlets (2018)
✡ Challenge of Five Gauntlets (2018)

A desperate family has exhausted all avenue's to save their gravely ill young child... except one. They seek help from a relic hunter to track down "Buddah's Tooth", which is believed to have supernatural healing powers.

Release: 84 min ◉ Action ◉ 1 February 2019 (United States)

Stars: Jenna M. Fryer, as Riku, Tim O'Hearn, as The Scot, M.K. Smith, as The Russian, Lisa Neeld, as The Mystique, Jason Wokutch, as The South African, Michael Weiss, as Doctor Nelson, Greg Orsi, as Douglas, Kirsten McCain, as Nurse, Joe Beard, as Viking Biker, John Catheline, as Voodoo Warrior-Top Hat, Yung Pham, as Voodoo Warrior-Tribal, Adele Crotty, as Misaki, Lisa Vaccaro, as Geisha Girl, Annika Caylor, as Kane's Daughter, Karli Sinclair, as Bartender, Ruth Sprague, as Archeologist Wolfson, Len Kabasinski, as Kane, Leo Fong, as Sang-Jin, Donna Hamblin, as Ruby, Jawn Gross, as Michael, challenge best online tv, challenge world tv, challenge movies out soon, challenge live network tv, challenge usa live tv, challenge watch show uk, challenge miniseries list, challenge free american tv, challenge shows, five best online tv, five world tv, five movies out soon, five live network tv, five usa live tv, five watch show uk, five miniseries list, five free american tv, five shows, gauntlets best online tv, gauntlets world tv, gauntlets movies out soon, gauntlets live network tv, gauntlets usa live tv, gauntlets watch show uk, gauntlets miniseries list, gauntlets free american tv, gauntlets shows

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