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12 Days of Giving (2017) ✬ TVlol Adult

12 Days of Giving (2017) ✬ TVlol Adult
12 Days of Giving (2017)
✬ 12 Days of Giving (2017)

After winning a $50,000 prize, a man decides to pay things forward by buying Christmas gifts for strangers under the pseudonym, Lucky the Elf.

Release: 85 min ◉ Comedy, Drama, Family ◉ 3 December 2017 (United States)

Stars: Ashley Jones, as Pamela, David Blue, as Baxter, Jax Connolly, as Westin, Preston James Hillier, as Toby, Melanie Recker, as Audrey, Paul Boesing, as Marvin, Scott Crouse, as Darryl, Linda Cutts, as Mrs. Foster, Mary Husar, as Judy, Tricia Nangkal, as Amanda Shen, Meagan Flynn, as Lydia, Walter Coppage, as Mr. Garrett, Heidi Melcher, as Mrs. Wilson, Delaney Driscoll, as Waitress, Madeline Peters, as Bartender, Brooklyn Funk, as Little Girl, Dan Bauer, as Elf, Laura Carlson-Lum, as Jennifer, Christine Conradt, days box office list top, days list movies netflix, days app android tv, days india tv live, days onlinetv app, days freeview now, days premier movies, days tv show to watch, days iptv list, giving box office list top, giving list movies netflix, giving app android tv, giving india tv live, giving onlinetv app, giving freeview now, giving premier movies, giving tv show to watch, giving iptv list

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