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Queer Eye (TV Series) ※ TVlol Drama

Queer Eye (TV Series) ※ TVlol Drama
Queer Eye (TV Series)
※ Queer Eye (TV Series)

A new Fab Five set out to Atlanta to help some of the city's people refine their wardrobes, grooming, diet, cultural pursuits, and home décor. Queer Eye (2018) Queer Eye: More Than a Makeover Queer Eye (2018)

Release: 45 min ◉ Reality-TV ◉ 7 February 2018 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Antoni Porowski, as Food & Wine, Tan France, as Fashion, Jonathan Van Ness, as Grooming, Bobby Berk, as Interior Design, Karamo Brown, as Culture, Noah Hepler, as Hero, Guy Erwin, as Self, Megan Rohrer, Todrick Hall, Neal Reddy, as The Hero, William Mahnken, Joe Gallois, Tom Jackson, Sean Van Meter, A.J. Brown, Leonardo Rico, Skyler Jay, Bobby Camp, queer tv usa, queer pluto free, queer free tv now, queer sat channel, queer on tv online, queer news watch tv, queer tv live video, queer live, queer latest movie, series tv usa, series pluto free, series free tv now, series sat channel, series on tv online, series news watch tv, series tv live video, series live, series latest movie

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