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Mademoiselle (1966) ✯ TVlol Crime

Mademoiselle (1966) ✯ TVlol Crime
Mademoiselle (1966)
✯ Mademoiselle (1966)

In a French village, Manou is an Italian logger, virile, with a broad laugh. He can't say no to women's sexual invitations, and jealous villagers blame him for recent fires and a flood. He is innocent; the culprit is "Mademoiselle...

Release: 105 min ◉ Drama ◉ 12 January 1967 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Jeanne Moreau, as Mademoiselle, Ettore Manni, as Manou, Keith Skinner, as Bruno, Umberto Orsini, as Antonio, Georges Aubert, as René, Jane Beretta, as Annette, Paul Barge, as Young Policeman, Pierre Collet, as Marcel, Gérard Darrieu, as Boulet, Jean Gras, as Roger, Gabriel Gobin, as Police Sergeant, Rosine Luguet, as Lisa, Antoine Marin, as Armand, Georges Douking, as The Priest, Jacques Monod, as Mayor, Mony Rey, as Vievotte, Jacques Chevalier, as 3rd Policeman, L. Chevallier, as Old Peasant, Tony Richardson, Marguerite Duras, mademoiselle watch tv apk, mademoiselle new movies out, mademoiselle free iptv player, mademoiselle cabletv, mademoiselle sat tv online, mademoiselle movies tv, mademoiselle iptv m3u list, mademoiselle movie release, mademoiselle movie

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