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Burke's Law (TV Series) ☆ TVlol Box Office

Burke's Law (TV Series) ☆ TVlol Box Office
Burke's Law (TV Series)
☆ Burke's Law (TV Series)

The millionaire captain of the LAPD homicide division is driven to the crime scenes in his 1962 Rolls-Royce by his loyal chauffeur. Burke's Law (1963–1966) Amos Burke, Secret Agent Burke's Law (1963–1966)

Release: 50 min ◉ Action, Adventure, Crime ◉ 20 September 1963 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Gene Barry, as Capt. Amos Burke, Gary Conway, as Det. Tim Tilson, Regis Toomey, as Det. Les Hart, Leon Lontoc, as Henry, Eileen O'Neill, as Sergeant Ames, Michael Fox, as Coroner George McLeod, Carl Benton Reid, as The Man, Robert Bice, as Waiter, Don Gazzaniga, as Cop, Jonathan Hole, as Airlines Official, Monica Keating, as Ruth, Martha Hyer, as Adrienne Shelton, Lisa Seagram, as Diana, Lola Albright, as DeeDee Booker, Nick Adams, as Charlie Vaughn, Joan Huntington, as Joan Lynnaker, Cesar Romero, as Antonio Cardoza, Francine York, as Cleo Fitzgerald, burkexs usa tv schedule, burkexs popular movies rated, burkexs best uk tv shows, burkexs tv for free, burkexs stream free, burkexs news watch tv, burkexs film channel, burkexs web live tv, burkexs hd movies online, series usa tv schedule, series popular movies rated, series best uk tv shows, series tv for free, series stream free, series news watch tv, series film channel, series web live tv, series hd movies online

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