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Nam Angels (1989) ☆ TVlol Fantasy

Nam Angels (1989) ☆ TVlol Fantasy
Nam Angels (1989)
☆ Nam Angels (1989)

Lt. Vance Calhoun takes on a dangerous rescue mission of American POWs in the treacherous Darloc Valley in Vietnam. His only chance to escape is with the help of five young, fearless soldiers on motorcycles.

Release: 91 min ◉ Action, Adventure, War ◉ June 1989 (West Germany)

Stars: Brad Johnson, as Calhoun, Vernon Wells, as Chard, Kevin Duffis, as Hickman, Rick Dean, as Larger, Mark Venturini, as Bonelli, Jeff Griffith, as Carmody, Romy Diaz, as Turko, Ken Metcalfe, as Gen. Donipha, Archi Adamos, as Trinh, Eric Hahn, as Morey, Tonichi Fructuoso, as Sherayko, Frederick Bailey, as Bartender, Lea Navarro, as Mai, Ruben Ramos, Geronimo Holandez, Craig Judd, as Soldier, Cirio H. Santiago, angels shows to watch, angels watch online, angels filmon uk, angels free shows, angels live movies, angels free live iptv, angels watching up, angels films selected by votes, angels top rated movies

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