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Gremlins (1984) Kleine Monster ☆ TVlol Shows

Gremlins (1984) Kleine Monster ☆ TVlol Shows
Gremlins (1984) Kleine Monster
☆ Gremlins (1984) Kleine Monster

A young man inadvertently breaks three important rules concerning his new pet and unleashes a horde of malevolently mischievous monsters on a small town.

Release: 106 min ◉ Comedy, Fantasy, Horror ◉ 7 December 1984 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Keye Luke, as Grandfather, Don Steele, as Rockin' Ricky Rialto, Susan Burgess, as Little Girl, Scott Brady, as Sheriff Frank, Arnie Moore, as Pete's Father, Corey Feldman, as Pete, Harry Carey Jr., as Mr. Anderson, Dick Miller, as Mr. Futterman, Polly Holliday, as Mrs. Deagle, Donald Elson, as Man on Street, Belinda Balaski, as Mrs. Harris, Danny Llewelyn, as Hungry Child, Edward Andrews, as Mr. Corben, Judge Reinhold, as Gerald Hopkins, Lois Foraker, as Bank Teller, Chuck Jones, as Mr. Jones, Zach Galligan, as Billy, Phoebe Cates, as Kate, Hoyt Axton, as Randall Peltzer, John Louie, as Chinese Boy, Joe Dante, Chris Columbus, gremlins new movies today, gremlins most popular movies, gremlins internet movies, gremlins on tv live, gremlins freeview box, gremlins watch us tv, gremlins new cinema, gremlins free series, gremlins movies rating list, kleine new movies today, kleine most popular movies, kleine internet movies, kleine on tv live, kleine freeview box, kleine watch us tv, kleine new cinema, kleine free series, kleine movies rating list, monster new movies today, monster most popular movies, monster internet movies, monster on tv live, monster freeview box, monster watch us tv, monster new cinema, monster free series, monster movies rating list

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