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Yung Galore (2017) ★ TVlol Films

Yung Galore (2017) ★ TVlol Films
Yung Galore (2017)
★ Yung Galore (2017)

Danny and Dolly meet for the first time at a bus stop, both waiting to attend their first day back at high school, but after becoming acquainted, the two decide to ditch school and explore the small town in which Dolly is brand new t

Release: 53 min ◉ Adventure, Drama, Romance ◉ 21 February 2017 (United States)

Stars: Martin Landau, as Rollin Hand, Leonard Nimoy, as Paris, Lynda Day George, as Lisa Casey, Steven Hill, as Daniel Briggs, Lesley Ann Warren, as Dana Lambert, Tom McDonough, as Royal Palace Guard, Sam Elliott, as Doug Robert, Arline Anderson, as Receptionist, Vic Perrin, as Cheever, Jack Donner, as Buccaro, Al Roberts, Ervin Richardson, Sid Haig, as Musha, Lee Meriwether, as Tracey, Barbara Anderson, as Mimi Davis, Tony Giorgio, as Foyer Guard, Peter Graves, as James Phelps, Barbara Bain, as Cinnamon Carter, Greg Morris, as Barney Collier, Peter Lupus, as Willy Armitage, Bruce Geller, Dillon Davis, as Slick McCarthy, Christyana Razo, as Slick's Assistant, Charlotte Walker, as Charlotte, Jim Walker, as Jim, Emily Williams, as Emily Golden, Thomas Zuhlke, as Danny Golden, Bill, Dominic Andreozzi, as Bill, School Announcer, Ivy Behunin, as Dolly Page, Dolly's Mom, Chanelle Burson, as Slick's Mom, Robert Burson, as Mr. Gilroy, yung new on netflix, yung now tv review, yung top list series, yung series high rated, yung app, yung on free tv, yung all channel, yung top new tv series, yung new tv online, galore new on netflix, galore now tv review, galore top list series, galore series high rated, galore app, galore on free tv, galore all channel, galore top new tv series, galore new tv online

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