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Who's the Boss (2020) ★ TVlol Family

Who's the Boss (2020) ★ TVlol Family
Who's the Boss (2020)
★ Who's the Boss (2020)

This narrates the story of a Young and ambitious employee who tries to work her way to the top, but keeps being de-valued. She decided to take a bold step which ends her in a position she deserves to be and without love for a long ti

Release: 105 min ◉ Comedy, Romance ◉ 28 February 2020 (Nigeria)

Stars: Segun Arinze, as Tunde, Beverly Osu, as Dream Girl, Tayo Faniran, as Dream Guy, Chris Akwarandu, as Apex Chief Counsel, Gbenga Alabi, as Cars Marketing Executive, Patrick Edobor, as Tunde's Friend, Gbubemi Ejeye, as Pretty Woman 1, Taiwo Familoni, as George Thompson, Blessing Obasi, as Pizza Marketing Executive, Dolly Ohaneye, as Beer Marketing Executive, Gbolahan Olatunde, as Francis, Osazee Ovis, as Nurse, Dorcas Paul, as Pretty Woman 2, Funke Akindele, as Hauwa, Blossom Chukwujekwu, as Lekan, Sharon Ooja, as Liah, Ini Dima Okojie, as Jumoke, Chinaza Onuzo, whos live tv, whos free movies, whos tv shows premiere, whos now tv box, whos stream tv me, whos free tv all, whos netflix top, whos iptv premium, whos best series, the live tv, the free movies, the tv shows premiere, the now tv box, the stream tv me, the free tv all, the netflix top, the iptv premium, the best series, boss live tv, boss free movies, boss tv shows premiere, boss now tv box, boss stream tv me, boss free tv all, boss netflix top, boss iptv premium, boss best series

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