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We Are the Heat (2018) Somos Calentura: We Are The Heat ◆ TVlol Sport

We Are the Heat (2018) Somos Calentura: We Are The Heat ◆ TVlol Sport
We Are the Heat (2018) Somos Calentura: We Are The Heat
◆ We Are the Heat (2018) Somos Calentura: We Are The Heat

In Buenaventura-Colombia, Harvey and his three friends are doomed to a life of poverty and uncertainty. While attempting to escape their reality, they use music and urban dance to overcome and defy their violent destiny.

Release: 104 min ◉ Drama ◉ 2 January 2020 (Argentina)

Stars: Rosa Esther Mosquera Aramburo, as Bebe, Duván Arizala, as Harvey, Miguel Ángel Banguela, as Steven, Yeison Chaverra, as Royal Dancers, Sebastián D'Angelo, as Capitán, Jarlin Javier Martinez, as James, Manuel Riascos Mena, as Alex 'El Baby', Heidy Carolina Mina, as Lindsay, Ariel Nuñez, as Sargento Grisales, Jose Luis Preciado, as Freddy 'Pinocho, Ana Lorena Rentería, as Luzmar, Baudilio Guama Rentería, as Abuelo, Nayron Pérez Reyes, Lorena Torres, as Yurley, Julio Valencia, as Ribok, Jorge Navas, Steven Grisales, heat online show, heat british tv, heat sat list, heat tv direct online, heat hd live tv, heat watch shows free, heat tv, heat apple tv shows, heat movies coming, somos online show, somos british tv, somos sat list, somos tv direct online, somos hd live tv, somos watch shows free, somos tv, somos apple tv shows, somos movies coming, calentura online show, calentura british tv, calentura sat list, calentura tv direct online, calentura hd live tv, calentura watch shows free, calentura tv, calentura apple tv shows, calentura movies coming

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