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Vitality (2012) ✬ TVlol Mystery

Vitality (2012) ✬ TVlol Mystery
Vitality (2012)
✬ Vitality (2012)

A journey into the world of health-care in our modern world. The current medical system is failing due to an emphasis on the treatment of disease instead of prevention. Dr. Pedram Shojai interviews some of the top names in the hea...

Release: 96 min ◉ Documentary ◉ 1 September 2012 (United States)

Stars: Dale Archer, as Self, Christina Avaness, David Bradley, Tim Brown, Hyla Cass, Ken Cohen, Jason Deyo, Justin Frandson, Eliezer Ben Joseph, Datis Kharrazian, Bruce Lipton, Charles McWilliams, Joseph Pizzorno, Patti Quintero, Paul Rademacher, Jon Rose, Benjamin Rubin, Carl Totton, Pedram Shojai, vitality now tv live, vitality box office list top, vitality best online tv, vitality movies tv series, vitality movie watchlist, vitality tv freeview, vitality premier movies, vitality video tv online, vitality streaming app

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