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Tight Spot (1955)

Tight Spot (1955)
Tight Spot (1955)
※ Tight Spot (1955)

A female inmate is whisked out of prison and into a police guarded hotel until the district attorney can convince her to testify against the mob in the upcoming trial.

Release: 97 min ◉ Crime, Drama, Film-Noir ◉ 15 July 1955 (France)

Stars: Lorne Greene, as Benjamin Costain, Katherine Anderson, as Mrs. Willoughby, Allen Nourse, as Marvin Rickles, Peter Leeds, as Fred Packer, Doye O'Dell, as Mississippi Mac, Eve McVeagh, as Clara Moran, Dean Cromer, as Policeman, Tom De Graffenreid, as Doctor, Kevin Enright, as Minor Role, Frank Gerstle, as Jim Hornsby, Kathryn Grant, as Girl Honeymooner, Tom Greenway, as Elevator Mechanic, Joseph Hamilton, as Judge, Ed Hinton, as Second Detective, Bob Hopkins, as Salesman, Norman Keats, as Arny, Ginger Rogers, as Sherry Conley, Edward G. Robinson, as Lloyd Hallett, Brian Keith, as Vince Striker, Lucy Marlow, as Prison Girl, Phil Karlson, William Bowers, Leonard Kantor, tight all channel, tight rated film, tight live tv free, tight best new movies, tight series to see online, tight tv free tv, tight watch in tv, tight tv player, tight stream net tv, spot all channel, spot rated film, spot live tv free, spot best new movies, spot series to see online, spot tv free tv, spot watch in tv, spot tv player, spot stream net tv

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