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The School (2018) ✪ TVlol History

The School (2018) ✪ TVlol History
The School (2018)
✪ The School (2018)

When a doctor looking for her missing child awakens to find herself in an abandoned school, she must survive the supernatural terror and face her own demons if she is to find the truth about where her son is.

Release: 86 min ◉ Horror, Thriller ◉ 26 October 2018 (United States)

Stars: Megan Drury, as Dr. Amy Wintercraig, Will McDonald, as Zac, Jack Ruwald, as Timmy, Alexia Santosuosso, as Becky, Milly Alcock, as Jien, Texas Watterston, as Zane, Nicholas Hope, as Dr. Peter Masuta, Christian Willis, as Isaac, Leah Ashwood, as Valerie, Jasper Lloyd, as Gerard, Cheryl Craig, as Nurse Jan, Sassy Soupidis, as Melanie, Harry Colhoun, as Oliver, Vanessa Rogers, as Twin 1, Ianna Rogers, as Twin 2, Morrison Gammon, as David, Kerstyn Walsh, as Nurse, Elyssa Murray, as Hungry, Storm Ashwood, Tessa Alana, school imdb tv app, school top tv live free, school full, school apple tv films, school tv show sites, school ustv free, school best tv series movies, school my tv live, school online watch it

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