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The Road to Singapore (1931) En kärleksnatt i tropikerna ◆ TVlol News

The Road to Singapore (1931) En kärleksnatt i tropikerna ◆ TVlol News
The Road to Singapore (1931) En kärleksnatt i tropikerna
◆ The Road to Singapore (1931) En kärleksnatt i tropikerna

Gossip, snobbery, mistrust, divorce and a mail-order engagement dominate the lives of the British upper class living in the plantation colonies of Southeast Asia.

Release: 69 min ◉ Drama, Romance ◉ 29 February 1932 (United Kingdom)

Stars: William Powell, as Hugh Dawltry, Doris Kenyon, as Philippa Crosby March, Marian Marsh, as Rene March, Louis Calhern, as Dr. George March, Alison Skipworth, as Mrs. Wey-Smith, Lumsden Hare, as Mr. Wey-Smith, Tyrell Davis, as Nikki, A.E. Anson, as Dr. Muir, Huspin Ansari, as Ali, March's Servant, May Beatty, as Bridge Player on Ship, Colin Campbell, as Reginald, Arthur Clayton, as Mr. Everard, Carrie Daumery, as Birthday Party Guest, Douglas Gerrard, as Simpson, Ethel Griffies, as Mrs. Everard, Charles Lane, as Desk Clerk at Club, Margarita Martín, as Ayah, 'Snub' Pollard, as Photographer at Birthday Party, Alfred E. Green, Denise Robins, Roland Pertwee, J. Grubb Alexander, road freeview play, road talk show, road hd, road hd stream app tv, road free tv now, road streaming app, road filmon free, road apple shows, road apk tv live, singapore freeview play, singapore talk show, singapore hd, singapore hd stream app tv, singapore free tv now, singapore streaming app, singapore filmon free, singapore apple shows, singapore apk tv live, krleksnatt freeview play, krleksnatt talk show, krleksnatt hd, krleksnatt hd stream app tv, krleksnatt free tv now, krleksnatt streaming app, krleksnatt filmon free, krleksnatt apple shows, krleksnatt apk tv live, tropikerna freeview play, tropikerna talk show, tropikerna hd, tropikerna hd stream app tv, tropikerna free tv now, tropikerna streaming app, tropikerna filmon free, tropikerna apple shows, tropikerna apk tv live

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