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The Jungle Book (1967) ◎ TVlol Box Office

The Jungle Book (1967) ◎ TVlol Box Office
The Jungle Book (1967)
◎ The Jungle Book (1967)

Bagheera the Panther and Baloo the Bear have a difficult time trying to convince a boy to leave the jungle for human civilization.

Release: 78 min ◉ Animation, Adventure, Comedy ◉ 24 December 1967 (United Kingdom)

Stars: George Sanders, as Shere Khan the Tiger, Sterling Holloway, as Kaa the Snake, J. Pat O'Malley, as Col. Hathi the Elephant, Verna Felton, as Elephant, Clint Howard, Chad Stuart, as Vulture, Lord Tim Hudson, John Abbott, as Wolf, Ben Wright, Darleen Carr, as The Girl, Leo DeLyon, as Flunkey, Pete Henderson, as Monkey, Bill Lee, as Shere Khan, James MacDonald, as Shere Khan's Roars, Bill Skiles, Hal Smith, as Slob Elephant, Phil Harris, as Baloo the Bear, Sebastian Cabot, as Bagheera the Panther, Louis Prima, as King Louie of the Apes, Bruce Reitherman, as Mowgli the Man Cub, Wolfgang Reitherman, Larry Clemmons, Ralph Wright, Ken Anderson, jungle list top films, jungle news live, jungle tv miniseries ratings, jungle tv shows top, jungle freesat tv box, jungle watch tv stream, jungle cinema online, jungle stream on tv, jungle box office shows seasons, book list top films, book news live, book tv miniseries ratings, book tv shows top, book freesat tv box, book watch tv stream, book cinema online, book stream on tv, book box office shows seasons

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