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The Ideal (2011) πŸ‘Š TVlol Documentary

The Ideal (2011) πŸ‘Š TVlol Documentary
The Ideal (2011)
πŸ‘Š The Ideal (2011)

It's a high school summer job for Julia and Alexander - the chance to earn money and work with eccentric, charismatic social studies teacher, Mr. Zenidro. But something else awaits them in the empty, yet mysterious school building...

Release: 0 min ◉ Fantasy, Horror, Thriller ◉ January

Stars: Dennis Brito, as Mr. Octavio Zenidro, Kristen Brancaccio, as Julia, Ivan Perez, as Alexander Dessler, John Dean, as Herr Stohlenwerk, Thomas Scott Roberts, as Mr. Wellington, Robert Sherbine, as Mr. Beamy, Todd Murphy, as Mr. Clarkson, Kanika Jones, as Student, Jack Florczak, Steve Louis, as Principal Canner, Robert Kopil, as Alexander's father, Teresa Lasser, as Mr. Zenidro's girlfriend, Rich W. Rodda, as Teacher in the hallway, Venessa Faraclas, Frank Osmers, as Julia's father, Nina Dornhein, as German teacher, Shannon Beddiges, Theodore Berry, Wes Tomasz Ciesla, ideal apple tv live, ideal movie channel, ideal satellite tv, ideal british tv free, ideal top rated films, ideal usa live tv app, ideal streaming tv, ideal online movies television, ideal watch television

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