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The Crucible (1957) Les sorcières de Salem ※ TVlol Drama

The Crucible (1957) Les sorcières de Salem ※ TVlol Drama
The Crucible (1957) Les sorcières de Salem
※ The Crucible (1957) Les sorcières de Salem

Salem 1692. The young Abigail, seduced and abandoned by John Proctor, accuses John's wife of being a witch in revenge. It will be the beginning of a series of witchcraft trials and a dark moment in American history.

Release: 145 min ◉ Drama, History ◉ 23 February 2018 (United States)

Stars: Nickey Huntsman, Chloe Cherry, Anie Darling, Catarina Petrov, Janice Griffith, Cadey Mercury, Pierre Larquey, as Francis Nurse, Mylène Demongeot, as Abigail Williams, Jean Gaven, as Peter Corey, Jeanne Fusier-Gir, as Martha Corey, Françoise Lugagne, as Jane Putnam, Coutan-Lambert, as Rebecca Nurse, Aribert Grimmer, as Gilles Corey, Pascale Petit, as Mary Warren, Yves Brainville, as Hale, Michel Piccoli, as James Putnam, Alexandre Rignault, as Willard, Gerd Michael Henneberg, as Herrick, Jean Riveyre, as Gilchrist, François Joux, as Hathorne, Gérard Darrieu, as Cheever, Darling Légitimus, as Tituba, Simone Signoret, as Elisabeth Proctor, Yves Montand, as John Proctor, Jean Debucourt, as Reverend Parris, Alfred Adam, as Thomas Putnam, Raymond Rouleau, Arthur Miller, Jean-Paul Sartre, crucible watch with tv, crucible uk channels live, crucible watch tv guide, crucible free viewing, crucible most popular movies, crucible usa shows, crucible tv shows free, crucible series high rated, crucible series shows, sorcires watch with tv, sorcires uk channels live, sorcires watch tv guide, sorcires free viewing, sorcires most popular movies, sorcires usa shows, sorcires tv shows free, sorcires series high rated, sorcires series shows, salem watch with tv, salem uk channels live, salem watch tv guide, salem free viewing, salem most popular movies, salem usa shows, salem tv shows free, salem series high rated, salem series shows

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