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The Client (2011) Eui-roi-in ☆ TVlol Sci-fi

The Client (2011) Eui-roi-in ☆ TVlol Sci-fi
The Client (2011) Eui-roi-in
☆ The Client (2011) Eui-roi-in

Elite attorney Kang Seong-Hee goes up against a top prosecutor over a case involving a man accused of killing his wife.

Release: 123 min ◉ Drama, Thriller ◉ 29 September 2011 (South Korea)

Stars: Won-joong Jung, as Chief prosecutor, Sung-ryung Kim, as Purser, Hyuk-kwon Park, as Seo Kyeong-sa, Da-in Yoo, as Seo Jeong-ah, Hee-jin Choi, Byeong-guk Hwang, as Responding Dectective, Ju Jin-Mo, as Judge, Jin-mo Joo, Danwoo Jung, as Psychiatrist, Chang-Hoon Lee, as Prop room staff, Hwa-ryong Lee, Ha Jung-woo, as Kang Seong-Hee, Hee-soon Park, as Ahn Min-Ho, Jang Hyuk, as Han Cheol-min, Dong-il Sung, as Jang Ho-won, Young-Sung Sohn, Chun-Hyeong Lee, client movie release, client freesat iptv, client tv movies live, client live stream tv, client free iptv links, client stream uk, client free new movies, client top movies out, client free iptv apk, eui-roi-in movie release, eui-roi-in freesat iptv, eui-roi-in tv movies live, eui-roi-in live stream tv, eui-roi-in free iptv links, eui-roi-in stream uk, eui-roi-in free new movies, eui-roi-in top movies out, eui-roi-in free iptv apk

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