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The Bad Man (2018) ※ TVlol Reality-Tv

The Bad Man (2018) ※ TVlol Reality-Tv
The Bad Man (2018)
※ The Bad Man (2018)

Mary and PJ are kidnapped and tortured by a sadistic clown bent on transforming them into a 'doll' and a 'dog' -- servile sex slaves that will be sold to the highest bidders. When PJ goes mad, Mary becomes the couple's only hope of s

Release: 106 min ◉ Drama, Horror ◉ 19 October 2018 (United States)

Stars: Alyss Winkler, as The Mantis, Kevin Roach, as The Preacher, Brian Papandrea, as Jock Face, David Hancock, as The Doctor, Adam 'Mickey' McAndrews, as Dog #2, Emily Solt McGee, as The Interviewer, Ellie Church, as Mary, Arthur Cullipher, as Lawrence, Jason Crowe, as PJ, Dave Parker, as Charlie, Scott Schirmer, the top popular movies, the shows best list, the internet movies, the now tv mobile, the tv cable, the watch us tv live, the totv live, the free iptv apps, the see tv live, bad top popular movies, bad shows best list, bad internet movies, bad now tv mobile, bad tv cable, bad watch us tv live, bad totv live, bad free iptv apps, bad see tv live, man top popular movies, man shows best list, man internet movies, man now tv mobile, man tv cable, man watch us tv live, man totv live, man free iptv apps, man see tv live

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