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Strategia per una missione di morte (1979) ๐Ÿ‘Š TVlol Fantasy

Strategia per una missione di morte (1979) ๐Ÿ‘Š TVlol Fantasy
Strategia per una missione di morte (1979)
๐Ÿ‘Š Strategia per una missione di morte (1979)

A diplomatic meeting between Western and Arab diplomats goes wrong, and a black gold dossier is firmly pushed across a desk. Against a background of hostages taken in an embassy, a covert operations agent, Benson, is given a missi...

Release: 86 min ◉ Action ◉ 26 June 1979 (Italy)

Stars: Richard Harrison, as Richard Benson, Florence Cayrol, as Lorna, Gordon Mitchell, as Paul, Gino Turini, as Louis, Jean-Marie Lemaire, as Hansen, Lemmy Carson, as Prince, Michel Charrel, as Chris, Olivier Mathot, Rudy Lenoir, Claude Boisson, as Emir, ร‰tienne Jaumillot, John Benedy, as Sheik's son, Giovanni De Angelis, Antonio Basile, as Farouk, Franco Daddi, as Killer, Mauro Mannatrizio, as Policeman, Luigi Batzella, strategia online iptv, strategia film on tv, strategia netflix cinema, strategia list latest shows, strategia stream live free, strategia prime tv live, strategia tv free tv, strategia ustv online, strategia live, missione online iptv, missione film on tv, missione netflix cinema, missione list latest shows, missione stream live free, missione prime tv live, missione tv free tv, missione ustv online, missione live, morte online iptv, morte film on tv, morte netflix cinema, morte list latest shows, morte stream live free, morte prime tv live, morte tv free tv, morte ustv online, morte live

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