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Somewhere Beyond the Mist (2017) Lan tian bai yun ◆ TVlol Animation

Somewhere Beyond the Mist (2017) Lan tian bai yun ◆ TVlol Animation
Somewhere Beyond the Mist (2017) Lan tian bai yun
◆ Somewhere Beyond the Mist (2017) Lan tian bai yun

Angela is a cop in charge of the murder of a married couple. Her father, who suffers dementia, has always been a pain in her neck. Sensitive from pregnancy, Angela discovers strange aspects of the murder while investigating Connie...

Release: 86 min ◉ Drama, Thriller ◉ 18 January 2018 (Hong Kong)

Stars: Stephy Tang, as Angela, Rachel Leung, as Connie, Zeno Koo, as Eric, Chit-Man Chan, as Stephen Connie's Father, Kyle Li, as Tony Angela's Husband, Sheu Tong Wong, as Dr. Ho, Pui-Yee Bo, as Ling Connie's Mother, Ian Yim, as Frederick Connie's Brother, Omi Kwong, as Monitress, Wai-Kuen Au, as Police, Yee-Ling Chow, as Teacher, Yuen-Ching Chu, Eileen Fung, as Eric's Mother, Pak-Yin Fung, Kaman Kong, as Reporter, Ping-Wa Lai, as Inspector Lai, Siti Maimunah, as Maid, Chi-Kin To, King-wai Cheung, somewhere tv series, somewhere list the best films, somewhere freesat online, somewhere famous movie series, somewhere new tv series uk, somewhere movies link, somewhere top channel live, somewhere iptv list usa, somewhere watch tv app, beyond tv series, beyond list the best films, beyond freesat online, beyond famous movie series, beyond new tv series uk, beyond movies link, beyond top channel live, beyond iptv list usa, beyond watch tv app, mist tv series, mist list the best films, mist freesat online, mist famous movie series, mist new tv series uk, mist movies link, mist top channel live, mist iptv list usa, mist watch tv app, tian tv series, tian list the best films, tian freesat online, tian famous movie series, tian new tv series uk, tian movies link, tian top channel live, tian iptv list usa, tian watch tv app

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