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Shootout (1985) Fast Forward ● TVlol Reality-Tv

Shootout (1985) Fast Forward ● TVlol Reality-Tv
Shootout (1985) Fast Forward
● Shootout (1985) Fast Forward

Eight small-town teens travel to New York City for a one-in-a-million shot at stardom in a national dance competition.

Release: 110 min ◉ Drama, Musical ◉ 10 May 1985 (United Kingdom)

Stars: John Scott Clough, as Matt Sherman, Don Franklin, as Michael Stafford, Tamara Mark, as June Wolsky, Tracy Silver, as Meryl Stanton, Cindy McGee, as Francine Hackett, Gretchen Palmer, as Valerie Thompson, Monique Cintron, as Rita Diaz, Debra Varnado, as Debbie Hughes, Noel Conlon, as Mr. Stanton, Karen Kopins, as Susan Granger, Irene Worth, as Ida Sabol, Sam McMurray, as Clem Friedkin, Michael DeLorenzo, as Caesar Lopez, Doris Belack, as Mrs. Gilroy, David White, as Mr. Sabol, Robin Bach, as Mark Dalton, Constance Towers, as Jessie Granger, Phyllis Ehrlich, as Landlady, Sidney Poitier, Richard Wesley, Timothy March, shootout best live tv, shootout imdb tv app, shootout stream usa, shootout usa tv network, shootout uk tv streaming, shootout best series tv, shootout tv shows list, shootout series seasons, shootout all tv shows, fast best live tv, fast imdb tv app, fast stream usa, fast usa tv network, fast uk tv streaming, fast best series tv, fast tv shows list, fast series seasons, fast all tv shows, forward best live tv, forward imdb tv app, forward stream usa, forward usa tv network, forward uk tv streaming, forward best series tv, forward tv shows list, forward series seasons, forward all tv shows

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