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Secret Santa (2018)

Secret Santa (2018)
Secret Santa (2018)
✪ Secret Santa (2018)

Christmas dinner brings tidings of death when someone enacts revenge, and out of the bloody madness rises a hero who must face all odds to stop an outbreak before it's too late.

Release: 89 min ◉ Action, Comedy, Horror ◉ 18 December 2018 (United States)

Stars: Ryan Leigh Seaton, as Penny, John Gilbert, as Leonard, Pat Destro, as Carol, Nathan Hedrick, as Jackson, Michelle Renee Allaire, as Jacqueline, Curtis Fortier, as Carter, Freddy John James, as Gordon, Petra Areskoug, as Tilde, Tracy Drolet, as Denise, William Dixon, as Albert, Scott Burkett, as David, Rachael Kemery, as Sarah, Jaden Reid, as Dylan, Joyce Greenleaf, as Beverly, Joe Howard, as Jon, Melissa Corkern, as Cpt. Soles, Michael Rady, as Ty, Drew Lynch, as Kyle, Debra Sullivan, as Shari, A Leslie Kies, as April, Adam Marcus, secret netflix channels, secret british tv free, secret free new movies, secret ustv free, secret film channel, secret gratis tv, secret binge series, secret popular on tv, secret full, santa netflix channels, santa british tv free, santa free new movies, santa ustv free, santa film channel, santa gratis tv, santa binge series, santa popular on tv, santa full

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