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Season of the Devil (2018) Ang panahon ng halimaw ◎ TVlol Action

Season of the Devil (2018) Ang panahon ng halimaw ◎ TVlol Action
Season of the Devil (2018) Ang panahon ng halimaw
◎ Season of the Devil (2018) Ang panahon ng halimaw

A young and fearless doctor opens a clinic for a poor community in a remote village of the Phillipines. However, she disappears without a trace. Her husband, a poet and teacher seeks the truth of her vanishing.

Release: 234 min ◉ Drama, Musical ◉ 22 May 2018 (Philippines)

Stars: Piolo Pascual, as Hugo Haniway, Shaina Magdayao, as Lorena Haniway, Bituin Escalante, as Kwentista, Pinky Amador, as Kwago, Bart Guingona, as Paham, Hazel Orencio, as Tenyente, Joel Saracho, as Ahas, Angel Aquino, as Anghelita, Lilit Reyes, as Militia 2, Don Melvin Boongaling, as Militia 1, Noel Sto. Domingo, as Chairman Narciso, Ian Lomongo, as Ian, Junji Delfino, as Aling Maria, Jonathan O. Francisco, as Young Hugo, Dub Lau, as Nong, Bradley Liew, as Militia 3, Lav Diaz, season watch tv guide, season apk, season on tv online, season onlinetv app, season tv premieres, season watching uk, season we tv shows, season top voted films, season movies list top, devil watch tv guide, devil apk, devil on tv online, devil onlinetv app, devil tv premieres, devil watching uk, devil we tv shows, devil top voted films, devil movies list top, panahon watch tv guide, panahon apk, panahon on tv online, panahon onlinetv app, panahon tv premieres, panahon watching uk, panahon we tv shows, panahon top voted films, panahon movies list top, halimaw watch tv guide, halimaw apk, halimaw on tv online, halimaw onlinetv app, halimaw tv premieres, halimaw watching uk, halimaw we tv shows, halimaw top voted films, halimaw movies list top

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