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Ruby in Paradise (1993) ◆ TVlol Thriller

Ruby in Paradise (1993) ◆ TVlol Thriller
Ruby in Paradise (1993)
◆ Ruby in Paradise (1993)

A young woman struggles for independence and identity in a small Florida tourist town.

Release: 114 min ◉ Drama, Romance ◉ 26 November 1993 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Ashley Judd, as Ruby Lee Gissing, Todd Field, as Mike McCaslin, Bentley Mitchum, as Ricky Chambers, Allison Dean, as Rochelle Bridges, Dorothy Lyman, as Mildred Chambers, Betsy Douds, as Debrah Ann, Felicia Hernández, as Persefina, Divya Satia, as Indian Singer, Bobby Barnes, as Wanda, Sharon M. Lewis, as Weather Anchor, Paul E. Mills, as Evangelist, Brik Berkes, as Jimmy, Abigail McKelvey, as Canadian Tourist, Kristina Daman, as Bar Manager, Mark Limmer, as Spinnaker D.J., J.D. Roberts, as Fisherman, Jean Garrido, as Bar Dancer, Al Mast, as Ed, Victor Nunez, Jane Austen, ruby home movie, ruby tv and shows, ruby movie for free, ruby best on uk tv, ruby uk channels live, ruby iptv list usa, ruby filmon app, ruby live stream tv, ruby movie site, paradise home movie, paradise tv and shows, paradise movie for free, paradise best on uk tv, paradise uk channels live, paradise iptv list usa, paradise filmon app, paradise live stream tv, paradise movie site

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