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Root Letter (2022) ✬ TVlol Box Office

Root Letter (2022) ✬ TVlol Box Office
Root Letter (2022)
✬ Root Letter (2022)

After Carlos, an impoverished teen from a fractured home, receives a desperate note from Sarah, a pen pal he lost touch with a year ago, he uses her letters to solve the mystery of her disappearance and crimes she may have been a ...

Release: 112 min ◉ Drama, Thriller ◉ 1 September 2022 (United States)

Stars: Danny Ramirez, as Carlos Alvarez, Keana Marie, as Sarah Blake, Lydia Hearst, as Karen Blake, Mark St. Cyr, as Adam, Sam A Coleman, as Jackson, Breon Pugh, as Caleb, Kate Edmonds, as Zoe, Terry J. Nelson, as William Hayden, Dodie Brown, as Diane Hayden, Jonetta Kaiser, as Mia, Anne Nichols Brown, as Hailey, Nina Leon, as Mrs. Karn, Tim J. Smith, as Father, Yûji Ayabe, as Postal Carrier, Gerardo Davila, as Daniel, Charlie Caldwell, as High Schooler, Anna Donnell, as Doctor, Hailey Frey, as Kelly, Sonja O'Hara, root iptv m3u list, root new movies, root show online tv, root free series, root movies channels, root free movie site, root british tv, root live online, root now tv uk, letter iptv m3u list, letter new movies, letter show online tv, letter free series, letter movies channels, letter free movie site, letter british tv, letter live online, letter now tv uk

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