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Nurse on Wheels (1963) What a Carry On: Nurse on Wheels ✯ TVlol Music

Nurse on Wheels (1963) What a Carry On: Nurse on Wheels ✯ TVlol Music
Nurse on Wheels (1963) What a Carry On: Nurse on Wheels
✯ Nurse on Wheels (1963) What a Carry On: Nurse on Wheels

Quietly competent young Joanna moves with her scatterbrain mother to a country village to take up her first job as District Nurse. She soon overcomes the suspicion of her patients used to someone rather older, while becoming romantic

Release: 85 min ◉ Comedy, Romance ◉ January 1963 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Esma Cannon, as Mrs. Jones, Raymond Huntley, as Vicar, Athene Seyler, as Miss Farthingale, Norman Rossington, as George Judd, Ronald Howard, as Dr. Harold Golfrey, Joan Hickson, as Mrs. Wood, Renee Houston, as Mrs. Beacon, Jim Dale, as Tim Taylor, George Woodbridge, as Mr. Beacon, David Horne, as Dr. Golfrey Senior, Deryck Guyler, as Driving Examiner, Barbara Everest, as Nurse Merrick, Brian Rawlinson, as Policeman, Amanda Reiss, as Ann Taylor, Peter Jesson, as Mr. Top, Virginia Vernon, as Miss Maitland, Juliet Mills, as Joanna Jones, Ronald Lewis, as Henry Edwards, Joan Sims, as Deborah Walcott, Noel Purcell, as Abel Worthy, Gerald Thomas, John Burke, Norman Hudis, nurse films based on ratings, nurse iptv usa free, nurse list of best series, nurse web tv, nurse movies tv shows, nurse live tv channel, nurse top box office, nurse now watch uk, nurse watching on tv, wheels films based on ratings, wheels iptv usa free, wheels list of best series, wheels web tv, wheels movies tv shows, wheels live tv channel, wheels top box office, wheels now watch uk, wheels watching on tv, what films based on ratings, what iptv usa free, what list of best series, what web tv, what movies tv shows, what live tv channel, what top box office, what now watch uk, what watching on tv, carry films based on ratings, carry iptv usa free, carry list of best series, carry web tv, carry movies tv shows, carry live tv channel, carry top box office, carry now watch uk, carry watching on tv

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