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Mr. Hush (2010) πŸ‘Š TVlol Trailer

Mr. Hush (2010) πŸ‘Š TVlol Trailer
Mr. Hush (2010)
πŸ‘Š Mr. Hush (2010)

How does a man react when he loses everything he loves? MR. HUSH has an answer: with brutal, terrifying violence. A frightening throwback to the slasher films of the 1980s, this is a classic horror flick that is hard to shake.

Release: 85 min ◉ Horror ◉ 23 October 2010 (United States)

Stars: Brad Loree, as Holland Price, Edward X. Young, as Mr. Hush, Stephen Geoffreys, as Stark, Steve Dash, as Mac, Jessica Cameron, as Julie, Connie Giordano, as Debbie, Thomas J. Churchill, as Sheriff Churchill, Tim Dougherty, as Donald, Alexis Lauren, as Kat, Colleen Cohan, as Grandma, Brian O'Halloran, as Vinny, Megan Heckman, as Amy, Mike Marino, as Maddog Morales, Vanessa Romanelli, as Victim, Thomas Warnock, as Bartender, Bridget Hogue, as Nurse, Bryan Andrew, as Dentist patient, Amanda Madison, as Amy Age 7, David Lee Madison, hush free tv watch, hush top tv live free, hush free live tv, hush live movies, hush tv all channel, hush uk channels live, hush live channels, hush movies cinema, hush watching uk

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