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Made in China (2014) Mei-deu in Chai-na ◉ TVlol Crime

Made in China (2014) Mei-deu in Chai-na ◉ TVlol Crime
Made in China (2014) Mei-deu in Chai-na
◉ Made in China (2014) Mei-deu in Chai-na

It's David versus Goliath when a man, Chen, uncovers a corporate conspiracy involving eels tainted by mercury. As he sneaks into South Korea to investigate, Chen finds a connection with a woman named Mi.

Release: 100 min ◉ Drama ◉ 25 June 2015 (South Korea)

Stars: Sun-young Ryu, as Kim Dong-hoo, Gi-woong Park, as Chen, Chae-Ah Han, as Mi, Hwa-Young Im, as Gil Rim-Sung, Yoo Jae-myung, as President Jang, Dong-hoo Kim, made live web tv, made moviesm, made online iptv, made tv shows channel, made tv website, made web television, made up tv channel, made streaming on tv, made episode channel, china live web tv, china moviesm, china online iptv, china tv shows channel, china tv website, china web television, china up tv channel, china streaming on tv, china episode channel, mei-deu live web tv, mei-deu moviesm, mei-deu online iptv, mei-deu tv shows channel, mei-deu tv website, mei-deu web television, mei-deu up tv channel, mei-deu streaming on tv, mei-deu episode channel, chai-na live web tv, chai-na moviesm, chai-na online iptv, chai-na tv shows channel, chai-na tv website, chai-na web television, chai-na up tv channel, chai-na streaming on tv, chai-na episode channel

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