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Little Vampire (2020) Petit vampire ☆ TVlol Horror

Little Vampire (2020) Petit vampire ☆ TVlol Horror
Little Vampire (2020) Petit vampire
☆ Little Vampire (2020) Petit vampire

A friendship forms between a never-aging 10-year-old vampire and an orphan schoolboy, but a moon headed monster throws obstacles in their paths.

Release: 85 min ◉ Animation, Family, Fantasy ◉ 21 October 2020 (France)

Stars: Camille Cottin, as Madame Pandora, Louise Lacoste, as Petit Vampire, Jean-Paul Rouve, as Le Capitaine des Morts, Claire de la Rüe du Can, as Michel, Alex Lutz, as Le Gibbous, Quentin Faure, as Fantomate, Ricardo Lo Giudice, as Claude, Vincent Vermignon, as Ophtalmo, Joann Sfar, as Marguerite, Mara Taquin, as Daïna, Katia Tchenko, as Mémé, Sava Lolov, as Pépé, Elisa Ruschke, as La Maitresse d'école, Loïc Legendre, as Kawai 1, Nicolas Lumbreras, as Kawaï 2, Alexandre Philip, as Un ivrogne et ambiances, Danish Farooqui, Courtney Shaw, as Little Vampire, Sandrina Jardel, little new movies now, little online tv serial, little premium tv, little watch in tv, little tv online uk, little web streaming, little india tv live, little online streaming, little free tv video, vampire new movies now, vampire online tv serial, vampire premium tv, vampire watch in tv, vampire tv online uk, vampire web streaming, vampire india tv live, vampire online streaming, vampire free tv video, petit new movies now, petit online tv serial, petit premium tv, petit watch in tv, petit tv online uk, petit web streaming, petit india tv live, petit online streaming, petit free tv video

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