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Jiu long bu bai (2019) The Invincible Dragon ◆ TVlol Sci-fi

Jiu long bu bai (2019) The Invincible Dragon ◆ TVlol Sci-fi
Jiu long bu bai (2019) The Invincible Dragon
◆ Jiu long bu bai (2019) The Invincible Dragon

The undercover agent with dragon tattoo Kowloon continually helped the police to solve mysterious cases, which made him known as a rising star. However, his impulsive personality dragged him into endless troubles.

Release: 85 min ◉ Action, Adventure, Crime ◉ 20 June 2019 (Hong Kong)

Stars: Stephy Tang, JuJu Chan Szeto, as Lady Sinclair, Endy Chow, Suet Lam, Richard Ng, Chung-chi Cheung, Kei Gambit, as Kowloon, Tsun-Hung Liu, Sheldon Lo, as Police Officer, Carl Ng, Hugo Ng, Alan Wan, as Khueng, Yee-Wah Wong, Ziyang Zhou, Jin Zhang, Anderson Silva, as Alexander Sinclair, Kevin Cheng, Annie Liu, Fruit Chan, long cinema online, long uk tv live free, long stream free, long best paid iptv, long hollywood, long greatest movies, long top films, long apk tv channels, long web tv channel, invincible cinema online, invincible uk tv live free, invincible stream free, invincible best paid iptv, invincible hollywood, invincible greatest movies, invincible top films, invincible apk tv channels, invincible web tv channel, dragon cinema online, dragon uk tv live free, dragon stream free, dragon best paid iptv, dragon hollywood, dragon greatest movies, dragon top films, dragon apk tv channels, dragon web tv channel

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