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Iruvar (1997) The Duo ◉ TVlol Music

Iruvar (1997) The Duo ◉ TVlol Music
Iruvar (1997) The Duo
◉ Iruvar (1997) The Duo

A struggling actor and a writer-politician become friends as young men and rise to great heights in cinema and politics respectively. But when both become contenders for the top political post in the state, a rift develops between...

Release: 140 min ◉ Biography, Drama ◉ 14 January 1997 (India)

Stars: Mohanlal, as Anand Anandan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, as Kalpana, Prakash Raj, as Tamil Selvam Tamilzhchelvan, Gautami, as Ramani, Tabu, as Selvam's lover, Revathi, as Selvam's wife, Nassar, as Anna Durai the party leader, Madhoo, as Special Appearance Song, Ravi, as Ramani's manager, Rajesh, as Party functionary, Delhi Ganesh, as Anandan's helper, Sunder Rajan, as Police Commissioner, C.K. Saraswathi, Mani Ratnam, iruvar hd series free, iruvar top box office, iruvar top list movies, iruvar filmon free, iruvar netflix movies, iruvar apk tv live, iruvar satellite box, iruvar popular shows, iruvar stream uk

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