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Inbetween Worlds (2014) Zwischen Welten ☆ TVlol Biography

Inbetween Worlds (2014) Zwischen Welten ☆ TVlol Biography
Inbetween Worlds (2014) Zwischen Welten
☆ Inbetween Worlds (2014) Zwischen Welten

Jesper is a soldier in the German army. Although his brother was killed whilst serving in Afghanistan, he nevertheless reports for a new tour of duty in this war zone. He and his unit are to protect a remote village from the Talib...

Release: 98 min ◉ Drama, War ◉ 27 March 2014 (Germany)

Stars: Ronald Zehrfeld, as Hauptmann Jesper Rubin, Mohsin Ahmady, as Tarik Rahimi, Saida Barmaki, as Nala Tarik's sister, Salam Yousefzai, as Haroon, Burghart Klaußner, as Oberst Haar, Felix Kramer, as Oliver Kremmer, Pit Bukowski, as Teckl, Tobias Schönenberg, as Petze, Roman Rien, as Sepp, Abdul Sabor Rasooly, as Zia Khan, Sher Aqa, as Malik Habib, Ali Reza, as Fela, Abdul Shukur, as Nazir, Haji Najaf, as Alter Mann, Mohammad Salim, as Adil, Wakil Nikbin, as Kuhbesitzer, Parvane, as Shisfa, Qodos Farahmand, as Corolla Fahrer, Feo Aladag, Matthias Kock, inbetween stream tv box, inbetween freeview mobile, inbetween tv live video, inbetween sat box tv, inbetween new tv live, inbetween online tv news, inbetween prime live tv, inbetween online cinema, inbetween up tv channel, worlds stream tv box, worlds freeview mobile, worlds tv live video, worlds sat box tv, worlds new tv live, worlds online tv news, worlds prime live tv, worlds online cinema, worlds up tv channel, zwischen stream tv box, zwischen freeview mobile, zwischen tv live video, zwischen sat box tv, zwischen new tv live, zwischen online tv news, zwischen prime live tv, zwischen online cinema, zwischen up tv channel, welten stream tv box, welten freeview mobile, welten tv live video, welten sat box tv, welten new tv live, welten online tv news, welten prime live tv, welten online cinema, welten up tv channel

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