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I Used to Be Famous (2022) Bir Zamanlar Ünlüydüm ✪ TVlol News

I Used to Be Famous (2022) Bir Zamanlar Ünlüydüm ✪ TVlol News
I Used to Be Famous (2022) Bir Zamanlar Ünlüydüm
✪ I Used to Be Famous (2022) Bir Zamanlar Ünlüydüm

Follows Vince, a desperate former popstar who dreams of making a comeback. An impromptu jam session with autistic young drummer Stevie sparks an unexpected friendship between the two misunderstood musicians.

Release: 104 min ◉ Comedy, Drama, Music ◉ 16 September 2022 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Ed Skrein, as Vince, Eoin Macken, as Austin, Lorraine Ashbourne, as Cheryl, Eleanor Matsuura, as Amber, Neil Stuke, as Dennis, Leo Long, as Stevie, Stanley Morgan, as Young Vince, Kurt Egyiawan, as Dia, Jamie Wannell, as Ted aged 14, Rachel Kwok, as Concert Fan, Millicent Wong, as Third Year Student, Zara Flynn, Harley Kierans, as Gig Fan, Richard Sutar, as Press photographer, Edward Hyland, as Ted 7, Jack Minton, as Sammy, Jennifer Joseph, as Riviera Manager, Jediael Stiling, as Max, Eddie Sternberg, used prime live tv, used best tv now, used tv miniseries ratings, used stream watch tv, used uktv play, used top tv shows, used best tv series, used play box tv, used uktv now, famous prime live tv, famous best tv now, famous tv miniseries ratings, famous stream watch tv, famous uktv play, famous top tv shows, famous best tv series, famous play box tv, famous uktv now, zamanlar prime live tv, zamanlar best tv now, zamanlar tv miniseries ratings, zamanlar stream watch tv, zamanlar uktv play, zamanlar top tv shows, zamanlar best tv series, zamanlar play box tv, zamanlar uktv now, nlydm prime live tv, nlydm best tv now, nlydm tv miniseries ratings, nlydm stream watch tv, nlydm uktv play, nlydm top tv shows, nlydm best tv series, nlydm play box tv, nlydm uktv now

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