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Far North (1988) ☆ TVlol Mystery

Far North (1988) ☆ TVlol Mystery
Far North (1988)
☆ Far North (1988)

After generations of being apart, an accident brings a family back together and they begin to cope with their original issues.

Release: 90 min ◉ Drama ◉ 11 November 1988 (United States)

Stars: Ann Wedgeworth, as Amy, Patricia Arquette, as Jilly, Nina Draxten, as Gramma, Tim Hanrahan, as Boy in Front Seat, Pearl Fuller, as Older Nurse, Mary Russell, as Baby Kate, Sandra Iverson, as Young Kate, Sarah Gramse, as Adolescent Kate, Paolo Rossi, as Boy in Woods, Lindsey Handel, as Young Rita, Melissa Sue Anderson, as Young Nurse, Al Lange, as Man at the Table, Dutch Eitens, Harry Dack, Rourke Lowe, Jeff Scully, Jessica Lange, as Kate, Charles Durning, as Bertrum, Tess Harper, as Rita, Donald Moffat, as Uncle Dane, Sam Shepard, north stream tv series, north hd, north free local tv, north online tv series, north new best movies list, north iptv uk m3u, north freeview box, north hd live tv app, north tv shows top

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