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Dr. Brinks & Dr. Brinks (2017) ✡ TVlol Musical

Dr. Brinks & Dr. Brinks (2017) ✡ TVlol Musical
Dr. Brinks & Dr. Brinks (2017)
✡ Dr. Brinks & Dr. Brinks (2017)

In this off-kilter comedy, estranged siblings Marcus & Michelle Brinks reunite after the death of their globe-trotting, aid-worker parents. The homecoming goes haywire when they choose to revel in dysfunction rather than face thei...

Release: 86 min ◉ Comedy, Drama ◉ 4 May 2017 (United States)

Stars: Kristin Slaysman, as Michelle Brinks, Scott Rodgers, as Marcus Brinks, Ashley Rae Spillers, as Alex Brinks, Robert Longstreet, as Bill Tully, Aalok Mehta, as Reggie, Craig Ng, as Barry Joyce, Anna Rose Hopkins, as Connie, Kate Freund, as Pamela, Donald Ian Black, as Don, DeMorge Brown, as Mikey, Paul Gordon, as Realtor, Lydia Hyslop, as Lydia, Roger Guenveur Smith, as Paul Sydney, Nicole Shalhoub, as Dr. Laura Tehrani, Mark Kelly, as Fred, Seril James, as Gayesh, Dal Conner, as Courier, Danielle Kennedy, as Marian Brinks, Josh Crockett, brinks hdtv streaming, brinks watch tv links, brinks movies today, brinks tv website, brinks stream tv box, brinks free movie site, brinks watch tv app, brinks iptv sat, brinks to movies

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