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Dead Lines (2010) ◎ TVlol Adventure

Dead Lines (2010) ◎ TVlol Adventure
Dead Lines (2010)
◎ Dead Lines (2010)

Sophie (Jeri Ryan), an environmentally friendly fashion designer and advocate for women around the world is about to launch her highly anticipated clothing line and open her first flagship store when one of her employees is found mur

Release: 90 min ◉ Crime, Mystery, Thriller ◉ 25 December 2010 (Spain)

Stars: Tiera Skovbye, as Spencer Fyne, Frank Schorpion, as Cassadrian, Natalie Vansier, as Alexa, Lori Graham, as Megan Harris, Eugene Brotto, as Ian Jameson, Claudia Besso, as Andrea Maxwell, Richard Jutras, as Claudio Venisse, David Gow, as Jerry, Christian Paul, as Keenan, Howard Bilerman, as Phil Rosen, Ziad Ghanem, as Katif, Paul Stewart, as Auctioneer, Nicole Braber, as Mrs. Lawson, Alice Tran, as Danya, Xiao Sun, as Jasmyre, Ross Neill, as Shipper, Jeri Ryan, as Sophie Fyne, Anthony Lemke, as Adam Fyne, Bruno Verdoni, as Agent Fincher, Sean Tucker, as Agent Marks, Louis Bélanger, dead tv telecast, dead now tv live, dead new free movies, dead streaming tv, dead movie streaming, dead free stream uk, dead best current movies, dead top tv premiere, dead free classic tv, lines tv telecast, lines now tv live, lines new free movies, lines streaming tv, lines movie streaming, lines free stream uk, lines best current movies, lines top tv premiere, lines free classic tv

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