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A Christmas Hero (2020) ✪ TVlol Musical

A Christmas Hero (2020) ✪ TVlol Musical
A Christmas Hero (2020)
✪ A Christmas Hero (2020)

When a young disillusioned war vet, home from Afghanistan, sees nothing good in his life during Christmas a visit by his guardian angel shows him that his life really did make a difference.

Release: 85 min ◉ Drama, Family, Fantasy ◉ 23 November 2020 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Troy Thrash, as Pete, Lauren Rys Martin, as Michelle, Gerald Floch, as Larry, Jack Wurtzel, as Reaper, Liam Wurtzel, as Lee, Craig Mohney, as Dr. Jordan, Greg Ward, as George, Peter Gray, as Zach, Bob Nevins, as Grandpa Pete, Kayla Kelly, as Lynn, Derek Duzan, as Ben, Jordan Teachout, as Doctor, Jacqueline James, as Nurse, Michael Welch, as Nick, Patrick Floch, as Troy, Cat Grey, as Kristen, Peter Carey, as Brandon, Phil Wurtzel, Patti Wittenberg, christmas tv premieres, christmas amazon live tv, christmas usa tv station, christmas watch it free, christmas tv shows online, christmas top tv live, christmas uk tv website, christmas watch now tv, christmas live tv online, hero tv premieres, hero amazon live tv, hero usa tv station, hero watch it free, hero tv shows online, hero top tv live, hero uk tv website, hero watch now tv, hero live tv online

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