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The Adventurer (TV Series) ► TVlol Musical

The Adventurer (TV Series) ► TVlol Musical
The Adventurer (TV Series)
► The Adventurer (TV Series)

Basically an updating of Gene Barry's "Amos Burke, Secret Agent" character, Gene Bradley is a wealthy government agent, who, posing as an American movie star, travels the globe in search of adventure, intrigue and danger. The Adventurer (1972–1974) Gene Bradley in geheimer Mission The Adventurer (1972–1974)

Release: 30 min ◉ Adventure ◉ 29 September 1972 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Gene Barry, as Gene Bradley, Barry Morse, as Mr. Parminter, Catherine Schell, as Diane Marsh, Garrick Hagon, as Gavin Taylor, Dennis Price, as Brandon, Alf Joint, as Gaston, Burt Kwouk, as Johnny Morrison, Sue Gerrard, as Jane, Stuart Damon, as Vince, Sylvia Syms, as Karen Ballard, Kieron Moore, as Nessim, Sandor Elès, as Gerard Laroche, Natasha Pyne, as Ann Somerby, Wolfe Morris, as Sakuma, Guy Deghy, as Willet Mosselman, Stephanie Beacham, as Countess Maria, André Morell, as Father Antonius, Barbara Murray, as Lady Diane Battersley, Monty Berman, adventurer movies to watch, adventurer live tv links, adventurer watching series, adventurer free shows, adventurer movie online, adventurer direct tv live, adventurer rated movies, adventurer latest movie, adventurer classic tv, series movies to watch, series live tv links, series watching series, series free shows, series movie online, series direct tv live, series rated movies, series latest movie, series classic tv

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