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Zwinglis Erbe (2018) ✯ TVlol Shows

Zwinglis Erbe (2018) ✯ TVlol Shows
Zwinglis Erbe (2018)
✯ Zwinglis Erbe (2018)

When Huldrych Zwingli starts out as a priest in Zurich in 1519, the Plague affects him. As he looks death in the face, God's Word carries him through and he survives. Encouraged, he turns Zurich upside-down with the Bible in his h...

Release: 57 min ◉ Biography, Drama, History ◉ 10 November 2018 (Switzerland)

Stars: Reinhard Fust, as Huldrych Zwingli, Richard Rabelbauer, as Leo Jud, Tom Pukhely, as Felix Manz, Patrik Simeon, as Christoph Froschauer, Reto Ziegler, as Heinrich Bullinger, Mirjam Nef, as Anna Reinhart, Thomas Prelicz, as Konrad Hofmann, Nila Hotz, as Regula Zwingli, René Graf, as Jakob Ceporin, Marc Lendenmann, as Journeyman Printer Extra, Anja Ruprecht, as Woman with Plague Extra, Markus Wagner, as Soldier Extra, Michael Weber, as Konrad Grebel Extra, Alex Fröhlich, zwinglis streaming movies, zwinglis free american tv, zwinglis television, zwinglis iptv usa free, zwinglis india tv live, zwinglis most popular movies, zwinglis tv show episodes, zwinglis live tv box, zwinglis stream usa tv, erbe streaming movies, erbe free american tv, erbe television, erbe iptv usa free, erbe india tv live, erbe most popular movies, erbe tv show episodes, erbe live tv box, erbe stream usa tv

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