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Xue shi san (2018) Blood 13 ✡ TVlol Comedy

Xue shi san (2018) Blood 13 ✡ TVlol Comedy
Xue shi san (2018) Blood 13
✡ Xue shi san (2018) Blood 13

A reckless female detective, Xingmin, when investigating a murder case, finds the victim dead naked, hung upside down in the basement bathroom. Old detective Laozhou assures that this is one of the prostitute serial murder cases that

Release: 99 min ◉ Crime, Drama, Horror ◉ 15 June 2018 (China)

Stars: Bin Li, as Liu Yang, Xiaoran Chang, as Cheng Yao, Xinhua Chen, as General Gao, Changwei Chu, as Police A, Yafei Dai, as Cheng Xiao, Yan Deng, as Nurse B, Cheng Fang, as Suspect, Meiling Hou, as Female Pimp, Yibin Hou, as Skinny Man, Jiaqiao Huang, as Xing Min's Father, Donghao Li, as Forensic, Fanying Liu, as Nurse A, Jinglu Liu, as Ke's Wife, Yimian Ma, as Li Chun, Linghe Meng, as Buff Man, Meng Qi, as Black Cap Man, Lu Huang, as Xing Min, Gang Xie, as Lao Zhou, Bo Qian, as Ke Zhenghua, Heng Li, as Mei Shuo, Candy Li, blood on demand tv, blood apple tv films, blood freeview tv now, blood tv series, blood movie release, blood movie to watch, blood streaming uk, blood iptv m3u lists, blood watch us tv live

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