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Three on a Ticket (1947) The Corpse Came Calling ◉ TVlol War

Three on a Ticket (1947) The Corpse Came Calling ◉ TVlol War
Three on a Ticket (1947) The Corpse Came Calling
◉ Three on a Ticket (1947) The Corpse Came Calling

A private detective, who has been shot, stumbles into the office of Michael Shayne (Hugh Beaumont), and dies before Shayne can question him. Shayne finds a baggage ticket in his hand. He claims it and finds the checked-bag contain...

Release: 64 min ◉ Comedy, Crime, Drama ◉ 4 April 1947 (United States)

Stars: Hugh Beaumont, as Michael Shayne, Cheryl Walker, as Phyllis Hamilton, Paul Bryar, as Tim Rourke, Ralph Dunn, as Inspector Pete Rafferty, Louise Currie, as Helen Brimstead, Gavin Gordon, as Pearson - aka Barton, Charles Quigley, as Kurt Leroy, Douglas Fowley, as Mace Morgan, Noel Cravat, as Trigger, Charles King, as Drunk, Brooks Benedict, as Jim Lacy, Fred Aldrich, as Police Officer, Leonard Bremen, as Bartender, Russell Custer, Rudy Germane, as Tenant, Russell Meeker, Sam Newfield, Fred Myton, Brett Halliday, three top new tv shows, three best shows series, three free uk tv, three free tv watch, three watch tv on, three prime tv movies, three apple tv films, three free tv movies, three stream free, ticket top new tv shows, ticket best shows series, ticket free uk tv, ticket free tv watch, ticket watch tv on, ticket prime tv movies, ticket apple tv films, ticket free tv movies, ticket stream free, corpse top new tv shows, corpse best shows series, corpse free uk tv, corpse free tv watch, corpse watch tv on, corpse prime tv movies, corpse apple tv films, corpse free tv movies, corpse stream free, came top new tv shows, came best shows series, came free uk tv, came free tv watch, came watch tv on, came prime tv movies, came apple tv films, came free tv movies, came stream free, calling top new tv shows, calling best shows series, calling free uk tv, calling free tv watch, calling watch tv on, calling prime tv movies, calling apple tv films, calling free tv movies, calling stream free

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