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The Spanish Earth (1937) Tierra de España 👊 TVlol Music

The Spanish Earth (1937) Tierra de España 👊 TVlol Music
The Spanish Earth (1937) Tierra de España
👊 The Spanish Earth (1937) Tierra de España

A documentary showing the struggle of the Spanish Republican government against a rebellion by ultra-right-wing forces led by Gen. Francisco Franco and backed by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

Release: 52 min ◉ Documentary, War ◉ 20 August 1937 (United States)

Stars: Manuel Azaña, as Self President of Spain, José Díaz, as Self Parliamentarian, Dolores Ibárruri, as Self, Enrique Lister, as Self Republican Army, Commander Martinez de Aragón, Gustav Regler, as Self German writer, Ernest Hemingway, as Narrator English version, Jean Renoir, as Narrator French version, Joris Ivens, John Dos Passos, Lillian Hellman, spanish films on netflix, spanish films, spanish top new tv series, spanish episodes show, spanish tvplayer, spanish box office top movies, spanish free tv all, spanish stream tv series, spanish india tv live, earth films on netflix, earth films, earth top new tv series, earth episodes show, earth tvplayer, earth box office top movies, earth free tv all, earth stream tv series, earth india tv live, tierra films on netflix, tierra films, tierra top new tv series, tierra episodes show, tierra tvplayer, tierra box office top movies, tierra free tv all, tierra stream tv series, tierra india tv live, espaa films on netflix, espaa films, espaa top new tv series, espaa episodes show, espaa tvplayer, espaa box office top movies, espaa free tv all, espaa stream tv series, espaa india tv live

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