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The Magic Christian (1969) ◆ TVlol Romance

The Magic Christian (1969) ◆ TVlol Romance
The Magic Christian (1969)
◆ The Magic Christian (1969)

The world's richest man and his adopted hobo son set out to test the limits of human vanity and greed through a series of "money games".

Release: 92 min ◉ Comedy ◉ 12 December 1969 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Peter Sellers, as Sir Guy Grand, Ringo Starr, as Youngman Grand, Isabel Jeans, as Dame Agnes Grand, Caroline Blakiston, as Hon. Esther Grand, Wilfrid Hyde-White, as Captain Reginald K. Klaus, Richard Attenborough, as Oxford Coach, Leonard Frey, as Laurence Faggot, Laurence Harvey, as Hamlet, Christopher Lee, as Ship's Vampire, Spike Milligan, as Traffic Warden 27, Roman Polanski, as Solitary Drinker, Raquel Welch, as Priestess of the Whip, Tom Boyle, as My Man Jeff, Victor Maddern, as Hot Dog Vendor, Terence Alexander, as Mad Major, Peter Bayliss, as Pompous Toff, Joan Benham, as Socialite in Sotheby's, Patrick Cargill, as Auctioneer at Sotheby's, Joseph McGrath, Terry Southern, Graham Chapman, magic uk tv live, magic channel uk, magic iptv uk, magic most popular new movies, magic best shows series, magic channel uk, magic new tv shows uk, magic usa shows, magic m3u premium, christian uk tv live, christian channel uk, christian iptv uk, christian most popular new movies, christian best shows series, christian channel uk, christian new tv shows uk, christian usa shows, christian m3u premium

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