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The Comrade (2020) ※ TVlol Action

The Comrade (2020) ※ TVlol Action
The Comrade (2020)
※ The Comrade (2020)

The Comrade is a story about a bitter old man, probably the last living WW2 colonel, whose memories of the years spent as a high ranking official in ex-Yugoslavia are his only connection to reality; while, against all odds, he sti...

Release: 0 min ◉ Short, Drama ◉ January (North Macedonia)

Stars: Petre Arsovski, as Dimce, Gjorgji Neskoski, as Young Dimce, Angela Dimitrova, as Anna, Kasija Georgieva, as Young Anna, Dimitar Orovcanec, comrade freeview tv, comrade on line tv, comrade freeview now, comrade cinema top, comrade tv site, comrade free iptv list, comrade live ip tv, comrade tv free, comrade free stream

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