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Take This Waltz (2011) Bu Dans Senin ★ TVlol Films

Take This Waltz (2011) Bu Dans Senin ★ TVlol Films
Take This Waltz (2011) Bu Dans Senin
★ Take This Waltz (2011) Bu Dans Senin

A happily married woman falls for the artist who lives across the street.

Release: 116 min ◉ Comedy, Drama ◉ 17 August 2012 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Luke Kirby, as Daniel, Jennifer Podemski, as Karen, Diane D'Aquila, as Harriet, Vanessa Carter, as Tony, Graham Abbey, as James, Damien Atkins, as Aquafit Instructor, Dyan Bell, as Dyan, Albert Howell, as Albert, Danielle Miller, as Danielle, Matt Baram, as Matt, Avi Phillips, as Avi, Diane Flacks, as Diane, Cheryl MacInnis, as Flight Attendant, Ciarán MacGillivray, as Soldier, Roy MacNeil, as Period Priest, Sandy MacLean, as Town Crier, Michelle Williams, as Margot, Seth Rogen, as Lou, Sarah Silverman, as Geraldine, Aaron Abrams, as Aaron, Sarah Polley, take watch it free, take movie rating, take watch shows uk, take stream uk, take web tv online, take tv series latest, take full tv shows, take box office new series, take best movie app, this watch it free, this movie rating, this watch shows uk, this stream uk, this web tv online, this tv series latest, this full tv shows, this box office new series, this best movie app, waltz watch it free, waltz movie rating, waltz watch shows uk, waltz stream uk, waltz web tv online, waltz tv series latest, waltz full tv shows, waltz box office new series, waltz best movie app, dans watch it free, dans movie rating, dans watch shows uk, dans stream uk, dans web tv online, dans tv series latest, dans full tv shows, dans box office new series, dans best movie app, senin watch it free, senin movie rating, senin watch shows uk, senin stream uk, senin web tv online, senin tv series latest, senin full tv shows, senin box office new series, senin best movie app

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