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Summoned (2013) Muerte al jurado ★ TVlol Music

Summoned (2013) Muerte al jurado ★ TVlol Music
Summoned (2013) Muerte al jurado
★ Summoned (2013) Muerte al jurado

Laura becomes concerned when fellow members of a former jury begin dying according to their seat numbers. As her number nears, she races to find out what is causing the unexplained killings before she becomes a victim.

Release: 89 min ◉ Horror, Thriller ◉ 26 July 2013 (United States)

Stars: Tichina Arnold, as Mylene, Amanda Perez, as Sonia, Tim Abell, as George Harris, Scott Whyte, as Nathan, Annie Little, as Melissa Miller, Mark DeCarlo, as Richardson, Levi Fiehler, as Manny, Isaiah Morgan, as Eli, Dylan Vox, as Evan Lucas, Caia Coley, as Nurse Priscilla, Kay D'Arcy, as Bird Woman, Kristen Kerr, as Vicky, Michael C. Mahon, as Bill, Ben Giroux, as Gaydos, Jerry Lacy, as Father Donnelly, Nick Vallelonga, as Carl, Cuba Gooding Jr., as Detective Callendar, Ashley Scott, as Laura Price, Bailey Chase, as Detective Michael Lyons, James Hong, as Frank, Peter Sullivan, summoned tv shows top, summoned top tv series box shows, summoned uk best shows, summoned miniseries high rated, summoned free stream, summoned cable tv app, summoned list films and series, summoned uk tv shows, summoned best free tv, muerte tv shows top, muerte top tv series box shows, muerte uk best shows, muerte miniseries high rated, muerte free stream, muerte cable tv app, muerte list films and series, muerte uk tv shows, muerte best free tv, jurado tv shows top, jurado top tv series box shows, jurado uk best shows, jurado miniseries high rated, jurado free stream, jurado cable tv app, jurado list films and series, jurado uk tv shows, jurado best free tv

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